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"What is called genius is the abundance of life and health."

Henry David Thoreau



“Power Energetics, this to me is like the ultimate disclosure in a sense because we are the ones we want to wake up to. We are the shift, we are the ascension, and the greatest discovery I think is who we are and what we are made of and these adversities and these illnesses, these ailments and even injuries can guide us. What a beautiful guide you are and teacher and healer, what an amazing story. To really help people recognize this is truth, this is possible and you’re a living example.” 

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Accelerate Your Ascension Interview

Medical Astrologer

Psychic and Tarot Reader

Leading Disclosure Expert 

Cosmic Gaia 




“I felt better after the first session. The most powerful healing I’ve ever had.”

Dr. Peter Sullivan

Generation Zapped

Clear Light Ventures 

Los  Altos, California


Journey To Truth

"Power Energetics is the new wave of healing." 

Tyler Kiwala

"This is real medicine right here." 

Aaron Kuhn

The Journey To Truth Podcast E49

Podcast Co-Hosts

Researchers Disclosure Community

Saint Louis, Missouri  



"Elizabeth MacDougall is an amazing healer. My results with her have been instantaneous and reach to the deep core issues."

Dr. Jack Stone, DC 


Idyllwild, California


Pushing the bounds Of Possibility

"Through her extensive life experience and powerful, transformative self-healing journey, Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall has developed a next-level healing modality, that both pushes the bounds of what we know as possible, and allows for profoundly integrated healing on all levels. She is a remarkable healer whose techniques and methodology both surpass and incorporate every single other healing modality I have ever come across. Think Akashic records mixed with kinesiology and doused in mystery. This is ancestral and futuristic healing, all here for us to access in the present moment! I am profoundly grateful to Elizabeth for our Power Energetics sessions together, and continue to be absolutely amazed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge and wisdom!"

Alexis Hanley-Trione 

Life Coach 

World Traveler


Grace and Ease

"I have had private appointments with Elizabeth. The sessions have been incredibly amazing. The situations seem to automatically resolve themselves with grace and ease."

Danielle Correia 

Franchise Spa Founder and Owner 

Sugaring LA Spas

San Diego, California


Beyond Chronic Pain

“Power Energetics gift keeps on giving! In the last month or two, the work Elizabeth and I have done has transformed my life. And each new session brings new healing. Even when dealing with sensitive issues, I end up laughing. And it feels so good to laugh again. It feels even better to have Elizabeth help me shed old things that no longer serve me and to believe in myself again. I can go into a session in pain, emotionally upset, not feeling well and I come out laughing – a lighter version of myself. Elizabeth is the real deal healer. And thru Power Energetics she is instrumental in bringing relief and lasting change for the better into my life!”

Jennie Frohman 

Retired Business Owner 

Lagunitas, California


Avoiding Surgery

 "When a friend who introduced me to Energetic Medicine told me about her own experience of avoiding hip replacement surgery, I was convinced that the technique would take care of the excruciating pain in my knees, hips and shoulders as well as pain in most of my body. Having met Elizabeth and seeing the incredible results she experienced, I called her after she had completed her Mastery Certification to ask if she could help me identify the lingering issues regarding my hip pain. 


She immediately went to work and for the first time in two years, my hips were totally pain free! Later, some of the pain resurfaced after I had walked ten blocks or more to shop with my sisters-in-law. I called Elizabeth and once again, her quantum shifts removed the pain, when my own work was having little effect. 


Elizabeth is truly superb at finding the root cause and shifting the pain or whatever the issue is. I highly recommend her work, without reservation, to anyone who wants to make real changes in life. Elizabeth has demonstrated a skill level well beyond normal in the practice of Energetics, (and) is exceptionally effective, extremely articulate and immediately able to identify the real cause of the issue and make the appropriate shifts. I have witnessed the work of many practitioners and can say without hesitation that Elizabeth ranks at the top." 

Judith Morales CEM 

Certified Edgar Cayce Psychic

 Medical Intuitive 

Brownsville, Texas


Life Changing

"For those who seek truth and freedom, you have found a doorway with Power Energetics. Elizabeth has a true gift to help those along the pathway to complete healing, integrating all aspects of body, soul and spirit through all dimensions of time and space. She is not only a healer but a teacher of the ways of truth, be prepared to laugh, to be perplexed, to be relieved, to be curious, to become whole as the layers of your past, present and future integrate into one.  You have the ability to tell your story given the chance and this is what Elizabeth offers, complete wholeness and integration of past wisdom learned while letting go of that which is not your higher authentic self. Power Energetics opened the realms of possibility! It expanded my mind to what I have carried from past experiences along with the co-creative possibility of what is to come. Power Energetics is a point in time where you find what you are searching for, the direction and tools to accomplish your purpose in this lifetime. Elizabeth's method is life changing, she is power and the technique she teaches will not only change you, but those around you, your community, and the planet as a whole."

Sue Holm 

Educator and Coach 

Deer River, Minnesota


Dynamic Transformation

“This is some of the most dynamic transformational work I've come across. In one session, I came out of a very stuck place in my life. I am now able to move forward with so much more ease! I would recommend Power Energetics to anyone needing a dynamic shift in their life.” 

Rita Massey LMT 

Access Bars 

Higher Life Healing Arts

Maui Meadows, Hawaii


Powerful Process

"Very powerful clearing process!!!!!"

LeRoy Malouf CEM 

Energetic Well Being

Cape Cod, Massachusetts


Wave Of The Future

“Power Energetics is unparalleled to any energy or bodywork I've received before and that includes over a decade of receiving. I came upon Elizabeth right when I was looking for the most effective, cost efficient modality of my life. I knew it was out there and I had been patiently waiting for years. What I needed was a depth of witnessing and listening that 99% of the population isn't yet capable of. Because of Elizabeth’s life experience, she was uniquely qualified. She developed a modality that is geared toward comprehensive healing that happens very quickly. I allowed it to integrate and kept being pleasantly surprised. Feeling, “stuck" shifted completely and in the direction of love. More efficient than massage, soul retrievals, DNA activations, and Reiki, Power Energetics is the wave of the future.”

Sid Justice LMT

Massage Therapist 

Makawao, Hawaii 

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