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“Anytime we can listen to our true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch.” Parker J. Palmer


"Out of immense suffering came the most amazing path, the way was blazed out of pure light, sacred heart guidance and god’s will.” Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall, Founder of Power Energetics™

The beautiful island of Maui Hawaii, also known as the heart chakra of the planet, called Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall to launch Power Energetics™ and to offer her first book, “The Power of Knowing - Your Guidebook To The Truth About Life”

Elizabeth is a true survivor. She has accomplished much in her personal quest for answers to heal herself. She has had an exceptional life full of love, loss, lessons and real miracles. These have come to define her and redirect the trajectory of her life and work. This is most evident in the remote energy work she does with clients all over the world. Elizabeth’s greatest passion is to awaken and heal the planet. She is now being called by Spirit to share her life work with everyone. 


Elizabeth was born into innovation, raised in the center of the industrial revolution in the midwest hub of Dearborn, Michigan. During her high schools years she received a scholarship and simultaneously attended college courses in Fine Arts at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. Afterwards she studied Interior Design at Henry Ford Community College which fueled her creativity. Then later in life she attended Mesa College in San Diego, where she studied Liberal Arts, Environmental Resource Engineering and made the Dean’s List. Her plan was to graduate with a BA in Environmental Engineering and go on to law school to fight for Earth justice. But while attending Mesa College in 1995 she had what she now refers to as her “Divine Intervention”. The day following her thirty-first birthday she woke up in extreme pain and could not get up off the floor. She felt this was God’s way of telling her she was going to heal the people and this would help heal the planet. But first she had to heal herself. 


Prior to that day Elizabeth walked six miles, did two hundred fifty sit ups and calisthenics everyday. She was a gymnast, dancer, skier, sailer and windsurfer. She played tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball and tag football. She was a natural all around athlete. She always held multiple full and part time jobs. She had a big social life. Then overnight she became disabled, leaving her in level ten pain and bed ridden. The doctors told her she was permanently disabled and had no hope for any future other than to manage the pain she’d be in for the rest of her life. This provided Elizabeth’s life path with an amazing opportunity to take a deep dive into healing with the Masters. 


Elizabeth moved to Huntington Beach in 1982 where her love affair with California began. In 1984 she moved to Keego Harbor, Michigan where a group of lawyers introduced her to the Grateful Dead. In 1991 she moved back where she started expanding her consciousness in the California Counter Culture. This is where she learned to be grateful, ask for miracles, play and follow her bliss. Her love of indigenous cultures began as she started to broaden her view of the world. While traveling all over the country Elizabeth learned the value of having a smaller footprint. She began to make healthier lifestyle choices. 

Elizabeth was known to her dead head community as a spinner, someone who danced in circles like a Sufi or the Whirling Dervish. There she came to understand for the first time what energy was and how to move it around while she was on the dance floor. Then as she spun for hours magic began to happen. She would be shown things in her life that weren’t right. Then given answers to make them good or as they say in Hawaii, “Pono”. Her love of the environment, sustainability, eco communities and alternative living began to deepen and grow. All of this was accelerated with the law of attraction which led to her living a miraculous life. 


Her healing path really began with a great love of the pendulum in 1990. She had a deep longing for the truth and this pendulum test was just that, a scientific test for the truth about life

In 1995 Elizabeth became an organic vegan and started seasonal cleansing and purification. She ate 85% raw food with 15% soups and root vegetables for 20 years while on a nutrient dense superfood diet. In 2013 she became paleo and gluten-free. In 2019 she began the autoimmune diet while returning to a raw foods focus. By this point Elizabeth had been cleansing an average of four times a year for the last twenty-five years. 


Christ Consciousness Awakened Elizabeth spiritually In 1996. Her gifts were activated and she began to blossom. It’s hard for her to truly express in words what a an amazing experience this has been. Of course being close to Christ has brought glory to her life. This is embodied in everything that she does both personally and professionally.


In 1997 she began her life long devotion to Amma the Hugging Saint from India, also known as Ammachi who takes the form of the Divine Mother. Amma is one of the worlds top spiritual leaders, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and one of the top humanitarians in the world. Elizabeth learned the true meaning of devotion, spirituality, seva (which is selfless service), prayer, meditation, enlightenment and bliss by being her devotee. 


The real life Don Juan from the Carlos Castaneda Book Series told Elizabeth In 1998 that she has a foot in both worlds and is the bridge between life and death. He is formally known as Grandfather Cachora, a Yaqui Shaman who lives on an Indian reservation outside Tecatè, Mexico. Elizabeth had the honor of studying with Grandfather Cachora for two years. She learned about the native culture, tribal community, shamanism, meditation, enlightenment, herb walks, land and water blessings, sweat lodge, purification, medicine wheels, energy and the spirit world.  


Elizabeth had the distinct pleasure of working and studying with John Davidson in 1999. He is a Taoist Priest who was the Co-Founder of the San Diego Taoist Sanctuary. For an entire year before his passing she learned from his Taoist perspective about body awareness, nutrition, massage and spirituality. 


After practicing Kinesiology for ten years Elizabeth was invited to sit on a board of professional kinesiologists. The invitation came in 2000 and for the next eight years she was in her element in Point Loma, California. The Board used kinesiology to muscle test the truth about the cutting edge of western, eastern and holistic medicine. This was the spark to her flame to fulfill her lifelong destiny.


A day she will never forget! On February 24, 2002 in just seven short minutes, Dr. Kam Yuen eliminated all of her pain. This was one of the best days of her entire life. She had suffered for seven long years with chronic pain riddling her entire body. She actually slept twenty-two hours a day. She was in shock for the next two years! It was so hard to believe. She’d tried everything; western, eastern, holistic and alternative therapies. She even changed her diet but nothing worked. Remember what the doctors told her just seven years before she had no hope for any type of future. 

Dr. Yuen is the real life Grasshopper from the 1970’s “Kung Fu” TV show. He is a 35th generation Shaolin Temple Black Belt in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. As well as being an engineer, nutritionist, chiropractor and author. Elizabeth became the poster child for the Yuen Method. In 2003 her life story was featured as the climax to Dr. Yuen’s first published book, “How to Get Rid of Pain In Two Minutes or Less”. 

Then Elizabeth  graduated in Tiburon, California at the top of her Mastery Class. In San Diego Elizabeth led standing room only monthly events for years. She taught her own Yuen Method classes, assisted her teacher on stage and mentored many students. Her offerings included being a keynote speaker at live lecture demonstrations, facilitating free holistic clinics and co-leading a Yuen Method San Diego support group. 

Elizabeth was honored to be invited to practice from her Harvard Doctor at his medical office. This was after he witnessed her overcome chronic pain and eliminate symptoms they never thought possible. By the end of 2003 she became the actual divining rod itself and a pure channel to the sacred heart for her clients and students. Yes, this is another Miracle!


From 2003 on she also studied with world renowned authors, healers, psychics and spiritual leaders. This began with taking a remote viewing workshop with the author David Moorehouse of the “Psychic Warrior” book. David is a gifted psychic and CIA trained Remote Viewer. 

Then she went on to study with the Co-Founder of the ReBirthing Movement, Sondra Ray. Sondra is an author, gifted psychic, registered nurse and rebirther. 

Elizabeth also had the privilege to study with Wayne Dyer, Ram Das, Gary Zukav, Colette Baron-Reid, Kyle Grey, Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, Denise Lynn, Deepak Chopra, Oprah and other Hay House icons

She studied energetics with the Founder of Matrix Energetics, Dr. Richard Bartlett and the Founder from the Reconnection, Dr. Eric Pearl. She further studied with certified practitioners of Theta Healing, Akashic Records, Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Edgar Cayce Foundation. 

She took her own personal dive into books like “The Celestine Prophecy”, “The Secret”, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “Ask It Shall Be Given”. In the past few years she has added Non Violent Communication and healing from Narcissistic Abuse to her repertoire.


Elizabeth tapped into the California conscious music scene in 2006. She could feel the revolution starting! It was the most excited she’d been about music since Jerry Garcia died. She picked her life up in 2008 and moved to Marin County in Northern California. She magically fell into Jerry Garcia’s extended family. It was a dream come true and yes another miracle! In a quest to find out who she was, she finally felt like she was growing up and maturing. She was healing from new memories that we’re surfacing from her past and dysfunctional abusive childhood. She had to step back to take yet another deep dive into healing herself. 


She finally found a good clinic in Marin with an amazing doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with a severe gluten intolerance. After researching this, Elizabeth took a trip to San Diego. In the summer of 2014 she went to the top Celiac doctor in the world. She told Elizabeth she was worse than 90% of her Celiac patients. Celiac has over three hundred diseases as symptoms. Elizabeth had sixty.


She picked a new primary care osteopathic doctor in La Jolla, who then sent her to the Green Hospital’s Integrative Medicine Center. It was there that she was then diagnosed with a very rare genetic mutation. Like .03% of the population rare. She was a real life bubble person. This Doctor finally diagnosed what had happened 20 years prior when she had lost her third of all four pregnancies to miscarriages. During the third pregnancy she triggered the gluten intolerance and the rare genetic mutation which left her disabled with these two major illnesses umbrellaed over sixty diseases. It had left her fighting for her life she almost died twenty-five times. Oh my God Elizabeth was so happy and grateful to finally receive the answers she had been driven to find for over two decades!  


After finding out the truth she returned to NorCal Elizabeth was finally getting better. She actually saw the light and the end of the tunnel. She thought she’d be windsurfing again in a year. She could not have been more excited. She had been fighting for her life and she was finally diagnosed and in recovery! This is when she stood outside held her hands in the air and told God and the universe that she was moving to Maui to start her business and publish her book. 

Later that day she was doing a favor for an elderly friend and took him to the pharmacy. On their way back they decided to stop at the post office. At 3:00 that afternoon she was pulling into the post office parking lot when a driver came barreling out of nowhere. The drunk driver was traveling at 60mph in a 25mph street and totaled Elizabeth’s car. Both her and her passenger were injured while the drunk driver left the scene. The Fairfax Police set up a drag net and caught her three towns over in Larkspur. The drunk driver leveled Elizabeth and her life at the end of 2015. She had to pick up the pieces yet again. 


Elizabeth had been coming to Maui since 2002. It had been her part time home and in 2016 she made it her permanent home. She took another deep dive into self healing and the aina (island) held her safe and close. She attended Maui Economic Opportunity Core 4 Business Program and classes at Maui County Business Resource Center. She's taken classes and has been counseled at Maui County Business Development Center. Joined Maui Business Brainstormers and other groups to support Power Energetics development. This really was the last and final piece she needed to have the confidence to move forward after being hit by the drunk driver. She wanted to give Power Energetics™ the professional launch it deserves. Elizabeth’s mission is to make an impact on health care with Power Energetics™!


She has learned to integrate everything she has been taught and risen through into Power Energetics™. Her work resonates a deep sense of Aloha. Elizabeth is a Master Facilitator and Certified Practitioner of Chinese Energetic Medicine. She has had a miraculous path that blessed her with the most amazing healers and techniques on the planet. She has emerged in her own evolution into an angelic distance healer, precisely trained empath, excellent spiritual guide, clear clairvoyant, gifted intuitive, magical medium, brilliant shaman, and soon to be published author.


In her spare time Elizabeth loves to snorkel, swim with the dolphins and spend time at the beach. She is an absolute nature lover and is at home being in the great outdoors. She has big love and passion for the fine arts, live music and design. She loves her friends and soul family who bring her sacred heart great joy. She especially feels fulfilled by giving back all that she has learned. To live a life of service and help others heal through their own pain. 

Elizabeth helps to guide her clients to rise to their true selves and live an exceptional life full of purpose. The transformation happens organically through her life work with Power Energetics™. 

Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall, Founder of Power Energetics™
Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall, Founder of Power Energetics™