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Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall CEM the Founder of Power Energetics

Elizabeth ellen macdougall founder

Power Energetics is the essential fundamental art of self-love, self-care, and personal growth! Imagine yourself having fun healing because when you release from your old profile, you often laugh, giggle, and sigh in relief! The result is you will achieve a higher vibration that can be seen and tangibly felt even from your very first session. The energy healing process is crucial to modern life! It is an ascension process that leads you into a pure heart opening, which strengthens you to heal your whole being. Please learn more about how energy medicine can help you in the testimonials and videos.


Power Energetics' logo represents the seed you plant to begin a healthy new life. It is known as the Seed of Creation and is the only symbol that has a consistent name throughout every religion. The seed represents the beginning of all creation. While on a whale watch boat off Maui, I took a beautiful picture of the blue ocean water. Then I imposed that photo to the back of the seed. The blue ocean water represents Maui and the Spirit of Aloha. Then I added the dolphins, one of the most intelligent highest vibrations on the planet, which represents our custom retreats and higher learning.

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Wedding Beach or Love Beach in Maui at Makena Cove, Hawaii


Power Energetics is a quantum energy healing process that creates peace and harmony in your mind, body, and soul connection. Energy medicine is a simple holistic hands-free noninvasive specific protocol used to focus healing precisely on where you need it, providing instant results. Power Energetics is a pure, sacred energy healing. In 1996 Elizabeth was awakened by Christ Consciousness. Just seven years later began to channel the Sacred Heart of Christ. She feels when life got hard, her heart remained pure. This experience awakened her healing gifts that she can now share with you through Power Energetics. Elizabeth studied shamanism and has practiced kinesiology for over thirty years. In 2003 she graduated at the top of her class as a Certified Master of Chinese Energetic Medicine. Plus, she has studied many other disciplines to find out more about her story in her bio.

Wedding Beach or Love Beach in Maui at Makena Cove, Hawaii looking at the distant island Molokini.


Power Energetics' vision is to start a revolution in wellness. To achieve this, Power Energetics supports your health by envisioning a world living in their sacred heart. When you live from the sacred heart, it creates a whole new way to love, nurture, and heal. This shift in consciousness will make a massive impact from the heart chakra of the planet, Maui. This shift will ripple healing energy out into the world. Elizabeth's calling is to awaken and heal humanity by supporting everyone's true self to emerge, ascend, and to live their best life.

Wedding Beach or Love Beach in Maui at Makena Cove, Hawaii looking at the distant island Kahoolawe.


Power Energetics' global mission is to disrupt the healthcare market by becoming the best at resolving health issues. We facilitate instant results that are fun. We intend to certify practitioners worldwide, especially over three hundred local practitioners on Maui. We provide exclusive high-quality custom services, including; kinesiology consultation, the energy healing process, detox purification coach, and certified energy medicine practitioner online training. Host a local and virtual event or enjoy a complete transformation in a beautiful luxurious custom retreat on Maui for personal, private, or corporate groups.


At Power Energetics, our values run deep. We love you, and we care about your health and wellbeing. We want to guide you to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle full of aloha. After all, our body is our temple. We feel it is our responsibility as a planet to leave something better for our children. To support and restore our world's clean air, water, land, food for the next seven generations. We believe in providing education that will prepare children and adults to thrive in the ever-changing world that we live. In Hawaii, Pono is the art of making things right. Here at Power Energetics, we guide you to make positive choices and to instill genuine core values. We believe in living a conscious life that is in harmony with nature. Our values align with biodynamic, organic, and sustainable lifestyles. We promote a minimalist approach that leaves a small footprint. We support this because it genuinely makes you happier and healthier. It leaves you time to dive deeply into your personal development, which enhances the richness and fulfillment in your life. Providing a beautiful, healthy home with low overhead and maintenance gives you time and energy to go big with your life! We are on a mission from the Most High God to be here in service. At Power Energetics, we will make an impact one sacred heart at a time, substantially raising the bar to make the world a much better place.    

Makena Cove, Maui, Hawaii



certified energy medicine practitioner

certified energy medicine practitioner

Makena Landing, Maui, Hawaii

certified energy medicine practitioner

certified energy medicine practitioner

certified energy medicine practitioner

Honolua Bay, Maui, Hawaii

Custom DESIGN Luxury Retreat

Custom DESIGN Luxury Retreat

Custom DESIGN Luxury Retreat

Makena Landing, Maui, Hawaii

Detox Purification Coach

Custom DESIGN Luxury Retreat

Custom DESIGN Luxury Retreat

Palm Trees Maui, Hawaii


"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."