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“When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives.” Kristin Neff

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Client Journey

This video playlist is a 23 minute compilation of 3 videos; a welcome greeting, treatment guide and guided meditation. It is  designed to help you make the most of your session. Listen to the treatment guide to help you prepare the list. Submit 1 week before your scheduled appointment. Then 10 minutes prior to each session follow our guided meditation. This will positively enhance your focus on Power Energetics™ and our time together. Consider adding it to your daily practice to further deepen your personal relationship to your sacred heart.

Treatment guide

The sacred tea leaf from Iao Valley Maui Wailuku, Hawaii


Aloha! Congratulations this is a new modality that provides a cutting edge experience in energy medicine. We are looking forward to facilitating a safe loving environment for you to heal, transform and become the very best version of yourself. Power Energetics™ is functional medicine that accelerates the healing process. The method focuses on the activation of the sacred heart. From this point of awareness you learn or experience kinesiology, body scans and quantum shifts. 

In each session we peel off layers, shift blocks, memories and triggers allowing more of your true self to emerge. The result is you feel lighter, stronger, healthier and more like you! 

Thank you for choosing Power Energetics™.


Simply pick one maybe two words to best describe the issues you are presenting like a sore back, stiff neck, relationships, sister, digestive distress, gas, bloating, stiffness, nerve pain, etc… submit the list a week in advance 


  1. symptoms 
  2. bothers 
  3. goals 
  4. diagnoses 
  5. healing team 
  6. medications, supplements, vitamins, homeopathics, herbs, cleanse
  7. diet
  8. benevolent beings 

Please take the client journey, watch the videos and write your list. Make sure to meditate ten minutes prior to our scheduled appointment. Then feel into one thing you are grateful for let your heart smile. Then one thing you love unconditionally and center your core into that vibration. 


What can you expect in your first energetic clearing at Power Energetics™

Clients report they feel empowered, have moments of enlightenment and shift things they never thought were possible. This guide explains that the treatment is about you healing yourself in the moment. Your story is told in our consultation and evaluation. The treatment is not about your story. it’s about clearing your symptoms, bothers, and reaching your goals. To do this effectively, it is best to be honest, follow your protocol from your consultation and give genuine feedback.

During a Power Energetics™ treatment we address each presenting issue one by one. As Elizabeth is guided through your list by the sacred heart. You start with a base line number for each issue, ie; if ten is the best you can feel and one is the worst where are you now? 

The sessions are interactive. You will find that the treatment moves quickly as to cover as many issues as possible. Throughout the process, she guides you to “check in” to see where you feel your number is at in the moment? You will observe yourself as each issue clears gracefully move up the scale to a ten. 

We encourage you to be truthful and present with each numerical value. This number will convey your sacred hearts relationship to each symptom and goal. Power Energetics™ facilitates the session but it is completely up to each individual to genuinely invest in the process and be open to receive its benefits.


We have found that laughter is one of the most common forms of release but it could be anything that comes out of the body a yawn, a burp, a cry etc. Clearing the energy through the sacred heart supports the quantum shift to take place. 


The best healing will utilize your choice of Benevolent Beings. We customize your session to align with your personal religious and spiritual beliefs. 

Power Energetics™ creates a sacred space for your healing to occur. Elizabeth clears herself and you to create a safe container where we will evoke (by your choice) through Prayer Jesus, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Amma, Krishna, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Yogananda, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the Divine Presence of our Guides and Ancestors.

This is as interesting as it is entertaining. The process can be real or imaginary because your brain does not know the difference. How you wonder? The olympic athletes practice their competition in their minds. Science has proven their bodies do not know the difference of whether they're actually doing it or not. In the same sense your energy can be weak or strong to anything real or imaginary and your brain and body does not know the difference. Power Energetics™ amazingly enough can address and resolve these types of issues.

Keep up because your treatment happens rapidly. Elizabeth will ask you for a base line number as described in the participation section, and she will use Kinesiology to confirm the number within the Sacred Heart. She energetically scans your body to determine the root cause of each item on your list. As the layers come up one by one, and the numbers go from an extremely problematic 1 to a release at 10.

The process is super fun, energetic and lively! Once the weakness to the root cause is addressed amazingly enough you are able to heal yourself. 


Your protocol is tailored to your specific symptoms and goals. Each individual client has a new plan, your protocol may include a series of treatments, retreats, certification, homeopathics, cleanses and a team of professionals that will support your health and well being.  

Power Energetics™ consultations include using kinesiology to muscle test a plan to work with your particular issues. We will determine what type of client you are a level one, two, three, four or five. After your plan is complete you will receive another evaluation to determine the next course of action.  


You will Love the method! One-third of you will only need one session for your current issue. You will want to come back in the future because the method is so quick. The work is eloquent. You will not believe how subtle yet truly amazing the energy medicine can be.


We will suggest in your initial consultation or review how many treatments would be best for your current issues. Two-thirds of you may experience layers. As we peel the layers off you will feel stronger and better. On a rare occasion the next layer could be worse. In this case we instruct you to call right away. It could be one shift of a memory, trigger or you may need another session stat.


One-third are in need of a homeopathic remedy. It further assists your body to integrate the treatment. It may not look related to the presenting issue but it's the one you need. 


Sometimes the issue just needs more attention, at this time it's best that you learn the technique yourself. Or if you're like Elizabeth you are so curious as to how it could possibly work, you want to learn all about it!


There is a time in your life where you just simply need support. Where the best you can do is show up. You need  love and nurturing and this is the time we pamper you.


Power Energetics™ is new to most of you but once you truly experience it you will never want to turn back. What Elizabeth knows is when you are ready to be well is when you find her. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for wellness so open up to receive the healing!

Power Energetics™ Treatments take two to four days to fully integrate. Please be gentle and nurture yourself during this time. Be kind, mindful and caring with your body, mind, soul and spirit. Take some time to enjoy loving yourself up. Please make healthy choices and avoid drama and trauma. We suggest you jump in the ocean or take a salt bath to reset your quantum field. Ground your feet on the earth or in the sand. Burn sage to keep your environment clean and clear. Drink extra water to support your biocomputers process. 

We ask you to call us with any questions, comments or concerns we are here for you to have your best experience with Power Energetics™



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Kinesiology Consultation

  • Storytime 
  • Evaluation
  • Custom Wellness Plan
  • Personalized Protocol


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Kinesiology Consultation

  • Storytime 
  • Evaluation
  • Custom Wellness Plan
  • Personalized Protocol


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Sacred Heart Community



“Some people will hear you louder in silence. Those are your tribe - they'll get you through the tough days and give you something to laugh about on the ride.”   Nikki Rowe

Our clients are our family. When you're starting a revolution you need somewhere to gather.  Where we will be there to answer questions, share results, connect and heal. Join us now Private Facebook Group.


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"Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well." Vincent van Gogh

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Fins On The Ground Program


Thank you for sharing your positive experience of Power Energetics™ with your community. When you sign up for the program you will receive a promo kit including flyers and business cards in the mail. Please keep the promotional materials in your car and purse. Then when you see a bulletin board hang one up, see a stack of flyers lay one down or see a friend hand one out. 

You will also receive a digital flyer. You can freely share on social media and to your email contacts. When you make a post please make it a meaningful share. Write something special that you personally experienced that will benefit your audience! Remember to include an appropriate quote, hashtags and a call to action that will apply to the content. 

You may also print a flyer out any size paper from your digital copy. You may add a sticker that says mention your name and save 15% on your first purchase. Then create a shared list of community boards in your area include: colleges, churches, coffee shops, yoga studios, natural health food stores, etc. Spend a day posting on all the boards in your area. We suggest every two weeks. You may also pass them out at big events and when your friends gather together.


This is a win win! Make sure they mention your name to save 15% on their first purchase. When your people make their first purchase from your efforts. Not only do they save 15% but you make 15%! Which you may collect via gift card or cash.

This is an exciting opportunity to support our revolution in wellness here at Power Energetics™. This will help us build momentum for our consultations, treatments, crowdfunding campaign, first book, practitioner certification, detoxification and retreats!

I am so grateful from my sacred heart to yours aloha.