Energy Medicine



Blog Drops First Thursday Each Month 5:00 PM HST 

Take a deep dive into energy healing and consciousness with the founder of Power Energetics, Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall. Awakening new earth frequencies in these turbulent modern times. Let's share your real heartfelt ideas, on how to create the new world. What are our morals and values? What is important to us? How will we build new infrastructure?  How do we connect our consciousness to the organic ascension timeline to align, activate, and achieve our divine plan?   

The blog is a platform for a community think tank for the new paradigm on earth.


“May the tree of our life be firmly rooted in the soil of love. May good deeds be the leaves on that tree. May words of kindness form its flowers, and may peace be its fruit. Let us grow and unfold as one family united in love.” 

Amma Hugging Saint India