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Known as the heart chakra of the planet (voted number one most beautiful island in the world) Maui Hawaii called Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall to start-up and Found Power Energetics. Elizabeth is a true survivor. She has accomplished much in her modern-day vision quest for answers to heal herself. She has integrated all she has risen through into Power Energetics. Her greatest passion now is to answer her calling - to awaken and heal the planet. 

Resonating a deep sense of aloha Elizabeth is a master facilitator of sacred space. She has practiced Kinesiology for over thirty years and was certified as a Practitioner of Chinese Energetic Medicine in 2003. Living a miraculous path she has been blessed with the most amazing healers and techniques on the planet. She has emerged in her own right as an angelic distance energy healer, precise empath and one of Maui’s top intuitive gifts. 

Being a shaman she has a foot in both worlds with a deep understanding of life from a quantum holistic level; Elizabeth balances energy, removes blockages and navigates the spirit realms. Awakened by Christ Consciousness she is a divining rod for the Sacred Heart, a spiritual guide, natural born counselor, life coach and clear clairvoyant know for her accuracy, speed and results. 

Helping guide her clients to rise to their true selves, live an exceptional life full of purpose. This transformation happens naturally through her life work with Power Energetics. Elizabeth is currently building the momentum to launch her first book, “Your Power of Knowing - The Guidebook To The Truth About Life”.   

In her free time, Elizabeth loves to snorkel, swim with the dolphins and spend time at the beach. She is an absolute nature lover and is at home being in the great outdoors. She has a big love and passion for fine arts, live music, and design. She especially feels fulfilled by giving back all that she has learned. To live a life of service and help others heal through their pain to transform their lives. 

"Out of immense suffering came the most amazing path, the way was blazed out of pure light, sacred heart guidance and God’s will.” EEM 

Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall CEM Founder of Power Energetics

Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall CEM Founder of Power Energetics

"Anytime we can listen to our true self and give it the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch."

Parker J. Palmer