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"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." BUDDHA

Power Energetics™

Wedding Beach or Love Beach in Maui at Makena Cove, Hawaii


Power Energetics™ is a quantum holistic healing system that balances your energy to create peace and harmony in your mind, body and soul connection. Energy medicine is a simple hands free non invasive treatment. Elizabeth Ellen MacDougall is not a doctor nor does she diagnose or prescribe. Elizabeth was awakened by Christ Consciousness and has been channeling the Sacred Heart of Christ for over sixteen years. This is a pure and very sacred  healing energy. She feels when life got hard her heart remained pure and this awakened her healing powers which she now can share. This is a complementary method to all other healing modalities. Elizabeth studied shamanism, has practiced kinesiology for over thirty years and was certified in Chinese Energetic Medicine plus so much more - find out her full story here.

Wedding Beach or Love Beach in Maui at Makena Cove, Hawaii looking at the distant island Molokini.


Power Energetics™ vision is to start a revolution in wellness. To achieve this we are dedicated to a world living in their sacred heart. This will support a whole new way to love, nurture and heal. This will make a huge impact from the heart chakra of the planet which will ripple healing energy out into the world. Elizabeth's calling is to awaken and heal the planet supporting everyone's true self to emerge and ascend.

Wedding Beach or Love Beach in Maui at Makena Cove, Hawaii looking at the distant island Kahoolawe.


Power Energetics™  global mission is to disrupt health care treatments by becoming the best at resolving health issues. We facilitate instant results that are enjoyable, healthy and fun. It is our intention to certify practitioners worldwide, especially certify over three hundred local practitioners on Maui. While we provide exclusive high quality custom services including; a detox purification program, enlightened treatments, empowered education and a complete transformation in a luxurious retreat.

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